Zünd raises productivity bar for packaging industry

Digital cutting equipment specialist Zünd is offering packaging producers greater flexibility and productivity with the introduction of a new version of its established G3 cutter. Thanks to a re-engineering of the system to double the beam height to 120 mm, models L-3200 and XL-3200 are now able to accommodate thicker materials up to 110 mm enabling packaging printers to achieve new levels of performance. Corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard, foam, sandwich material and corrugated plastic are just a few of the substrates that can now be processed by the widely-appreciated G3 digital cutting system.
“Zünd is committed to enhancing the productivity of digital cutting and finishing departments within different industries,” comments CEO Oliver Zünd. “By enabling the G3 to handle thicker materials, converters can now cut a wider range of substrates, saving time and increasing efficiency, both critical factors in today’s just-in-time packaging operations.”Zünd’s cutting systems are designed for 24/7 operation, providing packaging producers in many markets with a fully automated workflow and optimal flexibility whether for creating prototypes or for high production runs. The modular design of Zünd cutters and their components also make it possible to tailor configurations to meet very specific production and automation needs.

“We are focused on the continuous R&D of tools to increase processing efficiencies and satisfy customers’ needs,” concludes Zünd. “Feedback from our G3 installed base showed the requirement for an advanced version of this digital cutting system to manage a wider range of materials. We’re confident that packaging printers investing in the re-engineered G3 cutter with 120 mm beam height will improve their production performance and extend their business opportunities.”