Zeller+Gmelin to present its current product range for packaging and label printing at drupa

Zeller+Gmelin Ink DevelopmentHall 3, booth C36

The presentation of Zeller+Gmelin for this year’s drupa trade fair will focus on its very latest product developments in the field of energy curing, in which the printing ink manufacturer specialises.

In the segment of LED-UV curing technology, the company from Eislingen will introduce its new Uvalux LED U45 four-colour process inks for offset printing on paper, cardboard and non-absorbent substrates. This ink series is optimised to cure with LED-UV lamps emitting at wavelengths of 365, 375, 385 and 395 nm and meets the colour and transparency requirements of the ISO 2846-1:2006 standard for offset process inks.

The company will also introduce a new LED-UV curing cold-foil adhesive system which was developed for print finishing applications on sheet and web offset presses.

With the newly developed Uvalux HUV U48 ink series Zeller+Gmelin will present a series of highly reactive process colours designed for UV-offset printing with iron-doped UV-lamps. This printing concept, which is marketed under various names such as LE-UV, H-UV, HR-UV or LEC-UV by manufacturers of printing presses is an area currently experiencing a high growth rate, especially from traditional commercial printers looking to upgrade their processes and benefit from the many advantages of radiation curing technology.

For food packaging printing applications, Zeller+Gmelin will provide information on a new generation of Electron Beam curing offset printing inks in Düsseldorf. Since the new series Esalux FCM E41 does not contain any photoinitiators, it exhibits exceptionally low odour and migration properties. In addition, it is free from Bisphenol A.

For the digital printing segment, the newly developed Uvaflex digital UV lacquer range will be presented. It comprises a range of gloss and matt varnishes, intended for overprinting and finishing of digital prints. All products in the range are available as low migration versions for food contact packaging applications.