Xeikon supports Belgium’s Foundation Against Cancer

Xeikon Foundation Against CancerDigital colour printing specialist, Xeikon, has shown its support for the leading Belgium charity, Foundation Against Cancer.

Xeikon will supply – either directly or via its customer printers – free printed communication produced on its digital printing systems. These communication tools would eat into a budget that can now be better utilised by Foundation Against Cancer for research or patient support. The tools simply make more money available for the Foundation’s missions.

“We are proud to provide direct support to the Relay for Life Movement campaign in Belgium being run by such a worthwhile charity,” said Danny Mertens, Xeikon’s corporate communications manager. “When a former colleague contacted us and asked us to support the charity, we couldn’t wait to help the Foundation Against Cancer’s fight against all forms of cancer.

“As such, we will provide a range of printed matter on different substrates. They will be mostly small runs, often personalised, high quality print. This will include local small to medium run length, flyers and posters, personalised large format cheques used at fundraising events, name cards for local Relay for Life Committees, large banners with team images, and floor and wall displays.”

Luc Van Haute, CEO of Foundation Against Cancer Belgium, added: “Foundation Against Cancer finances scientific cancer research, supports patients, raises awareness and spreads messages to prevent cancer. It communicates with the general public through information and prevention campaigns. Every Euro we don’t spend as a cost – any type of cost – is a Euro we can use for research, social support and prevention.”

Foundation Against Cancer




Find out more about the Foundation Against Cancer and the work it does here.