Xeikon launches STAR Training Program

Xeikon Star TrainingXeikon has combined all its training expertise into a single initiative with its newly-launched Xeikon STAR Program.

Developed for all Xeikon press operators, it has been created to add value, establish a stepped approach to increasing knowledge and expertise, offer a ‘Certified’ program of Xeikon training curriculum and enable the customer trainees to fully optimise the performance of their Xeikon solution in all aspects of their business.

Frederik Vervenne, Xeikon’s vice president services, said: “The Xeikon STAR Program will improve customer productivity and performance. And all those positive enhancements translate into increasing revenue for the customers. It will also offer a more focused approach to Xeikon training options building up to an ‘Expert’ status upon full completion of the program.”

There are six elements divided into three sections:

Basic Operator Training will give the Xeikon press operator the baseline knowledge to print and operate the Xeikon digital press and raster image processor to produce high quality customer production jobs. Basic Workflow Training will give the press and prepress operators the baseline knowledge to operate the Xeikon digital front-end Raster Imaging Processor and understand basic X-800 features and functions.

Efficiency trainings

Training for Production Efficiency will enable the press operator to perform all maintenance tasks, and deliver operational ‘know-how’ resulting in improved press productivity and operations.

Training for Workflow Efficiency will demonstrate how to effectively operate the Xeikon X-800 digital front-ends’ features and functions.

Advanced knowledge

Advanced Media Scripting Training is about creating media scripts for compatible substrates – making set-up efficient and productive. This training will cover in-depth learning of how to script media substrates, optimise imaging quality, improve printing stability, and minimise waste.

Advanced Colour Training (also part of Xeikon ColorServices) includes topics such as Xeikon ColorControl training, set-up and configuration of DFE’s (XCC activation and configure colour workflows) and an introduction to colour management.

Hands-on exercises

As every stage is completed a certificate is awarded with a Star for each individual element until all six stars have been attained.

The program itself will be continually assessed by the Xeikon team to ensure its effectiveness. Vervenne added: “We have developed customer surveys for every class. This will help us track immediate response rates. We will also continue to measure service calls and prints volume so that we know that the classes are working and what the customers like or dislike about them.”