Xeikon Digital Technology enables Labo Print in Poland to add paper cup manufacturing to portfolio

Poland-based label printer, Labo Print has expanded its comprehensive printing portfolio with the set up a new department for the manufacture of paper cups. Utilising the operational performance of a Xeikon 3500 digital press with dry toner technology accredited for guaranteed food safety, the company can now produce sustainable, personalised digitally-printed paper cups that appeal to consumer preferences.

L-R: Xeikon sales manager Michał Kuczkowski; Labo Print managing director Sławomir Góral; Labo Print president Krzysztof Fryc

The 3500, Xeikon’s high digital press for labels and folding cartons is designed to offer versatility, speed and the opportunity to print on a wide range of board types – ideal for fast moving products to meet ever evolving consumer demand.

The manufacture of digital labels at Labo Print is fast-expanding product category, supported by substantial investments of more than PLN 10million. The company’s label section now boasts a variety of equipment for printing, die-cutting and finishing, helping to offer its clients the shortest turnaround times, whilst maintaining the highest quality and reasonable prices.

When Labo Print added a Xeikon 3500 digital press to its inventory at the end of 2018, the primary deciding factor in the purchase was the versatility of the press and the high quality of digital printing using Xeikon dry toner technology; which at the time was not attainable from any other manufacturers. Initially, the press was primarily planned to be used for printing labels using ICE toner, which complies with the highest number of standards and regulations for food products and is also environmentally friendly because the toner has no emissions of harmful substances and no odour.

This year, however, Labo Print started a production line of short run paper cups. The overprinting of the substrate for the manufacture of cups is the first stage of the production process; therefore, speed and reliability is incredibly important – hence the choice of Xeikon’s 3500 press. Furthermore, the substrates used for the cups are quite demanding due to the formation of one or two coats with a moisture impermeable layer which also functions as a binder when forming the cups under high temperatures.

The versatility of the digital press has resulted in the creation of a new department in Labo Print dedicated to the manufacture of paper cups. Currently, the company is implementing Xeikon dry toner technology for the printing of paper cups utilising its client’s choice of any graphic design.

Labo Print’s printed product lines have been exported to users across Europe for the past 12 years, providing it with key insights into the markets it operates in. The firm noticed that the demand from different industries and markets can vary quite significantly from year to year, and stresses the importance of consistently working to improve its production portfolio to stay ahead of current trends.

Labo Print CEO and cofounder, Krzysztof Fryc commented: “At present, the greatest optimism can be drawn from the data of analysts who are forecasting continued growth in the label and packaging markets… We are always searching for the most modern equipment and solutions in order to be able to respond to the far-reaching needs and growing expectations of our clients. The addition of the Xeikon 3500 digital press has been a positive investment for us. The print and operational performance of the Xeikon 3500 has clearly met expectations both for Labo Print and for our clients. The Xeikon technology helps us to achieve our business objectives and allows us to continue our dynamic growth.”