Xaar’s 3D Centre in Nottingham opens for business


Doug Edwards (CEO) and Prof. Neil Hopkinson (director of Xaar’s 3D printing business) unveiling the Xaar 3D Centre plaque at the open day

The official opening of Xaar plc’s new 3D Centre on the Nottingham Science Park took place yesterday. Due to the extensive experience of Xaar’s team in Nottingham and Copenhagen, the new Xaar 3D Centre is able to provide the most comprehensive services available globally for high speed sintering technology.

High speed sintering is a revolutionary additive manufacturing/3D printing technology which uses inkjet printheads and infrared heaters to manufacture products layer by layer from polymer powder materials, at much higher speeds and lower costs than other 3D Printing processes. This technology is therefore of interest to companies looking to use 3D printing in volume manufacturing.

Guests at the official opening event were given a tour of the facilities comprising, high speed sintering machines and associated peripheral equipment for pre-processing, post-processing and quality control/inspection. The official opening was attended by over 30 specially invited guests, including, ABB, BAE Systems and Jaguar Land Rover.

“There is no doubt that high speed sintering technology can transform 3D printing from a low volume prototyping solution to a mainstream manufacturing process,” says Professor Neil Hopkinson, the original inventor of the transformational high speed sintering technology, who heads up Xaar’s 3D division. “The step change to high volume manufacturing will be most efficiently achieved through partnerships with committed stakeholders across the supply chain. Our new 3D Centre in Nottingham is the ideal location for such partnerships to flourish.”

“We were delighted to welcome to our official opening visitors from a number of organisations across the supply chain,” says Doug Edwards, Xaar’s CEO. The 3D sector is an important part of our 2020 strategy, and, with this new 3D Centre, some exciting growth opportunities will be available to Xaar”.