X-PRESS pure – the next generation self-levelling steel rule

DruckBohlerstrip enlarges portfolio for self-levelling steel rules to reduce make-ready in die cutting.

Make-ready is known as one of the most influential cost factors within the die-cutting process because the step-by step approach to a perfect die-cutting result is essential. Especially tooling layouts with complex and multiple ups, such as cigarette boxes cause long machine downtimes. The process duration during make-ready (manual patching with tape on the patch-up sheet) therefore offers the greatest possible scope to reduce costs. The bohlerstrip X-PRESS cutting rule is an advanced development of the standard cutting rule designed to reduce make-ready.

bohlerstrip_X-PRESS_Sujet01Working Principle

With any standard rule, the tip of the blade is it‘s weak spot. Under heavy load the cutting tip loses its sharpness. The pressure compensation on X-PRESS rules is performed on the rule back due to its microstructure. Therefore the cutting edge is less sensitive against overload and stays sharp for a longer of time.

X-PRESS: Optimized production runs and make-ready

The innovation lies within the patented back-design of the cutting rule which paves the way for the predefined compensation area for the cutting rule to self-level under pressure. In day to day operation this means substantially longer tooling life. X-PRESS is especially suitable for large volume jobs where highest quality is needed.bohlerstrip_X-PRESS_Sujet02

NEW X-PRESS pure: Effortless make-ready

Due to the slim-lined back execution of the cutting rule combined with the patented micro-serration the predefined compensation range is considerably more sensible. In practical terms this means that under ideal circumstances make-ready without patching is achievable. X-PRESS pure provides best results with medium to small production runs of corrugated and solid board.

Fact Sheet

Hardness Body ~ 340 HV (~ 35 HRC)
Cutting tip ~ 660 HV (~ 58 HRC)
Height 23.8 mm (.937“)
Thickness 2 pt / 3 pt
Cutting bevel CF / CFDB
Bevel execution Shaved S ; Polished P ; Supreme M
Cutting angle 53° ; 42°
Cutting back Micro-serrated X-Press-Back (patented)
Form of delivery Lengths à 1,000 mm ; Coils à 100 m (2 pt), à 60 m (3 pt)




bohlerstrip_LogoAbout the company

voestalpine Precision Strip – formerly known as Böhler-Uddeholm Precision Strip GmbH – is a manufacturer of cold-rolled strip steel meeting the highest quality standards available. With our production and distributions companies in Austria and Sweden as well as our sales subsidiaries in the USA, China, Spain and Mexico we employ around 1100 staff members and export our products to over 60 countries worldwide. Since 2007 our company is a 100% subsidiary of the voestalpine AG and in organizational terms is part of the “Metal Forming Division” located in Krems, Austria.

Our production focus is on high quality strip steel for all kinds of saw products, for example bimetal strip for metal saw production or precision strip steel for wood-, butcher- or stone saws. Furthermore voestalpine Precision Strip produces strip steel for the printing and paper industry, for the packaging industry as well as specialized applications in the fields of technical knives, razor blades and flapper valves for air conditioners and compressors.

More information on www.voestalpine.com/precision-strip
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