WITECH has concluded an innovative partnership with vR Handling and introduced its new reel handling product range

WITECH MASCHINEN AG has specialised in developing and manufacturing reel handling installations for various industries and entered in an exciting partnership with vR Handling, a company of the vonRoll Infratec group. At this occasion, the company’s branding and logo has changed to highlight this upcoming new challenge.


The WITECH product range has been completely reworked to meet all of your needs, whether you need to handle, store or prepare a reel. The equipment is designed to match with each step of a reel life cycle: handling, storage, preparation, full reel logistic installation and a maintenance and after-sales service.

Reel handling: reel turners, conveyor systems, push-off devices and waste management

Reel handlingWITECH reel turners are designed to simplify reel handling and to allow for a quick transfer of one or more rolls from the upright to flat position (and vice versa). Our reel turners range comprises 4 basic systems (PRW, MRW, RRW and TRW) that are designed with regard to the internal plant logistics and the industry concerned. All of these can be implemented by various options, among which is the adaptable platform, which prevents all bumping and sliding of the reel during the process. Depending on the installation desired, the reel could be loaded directly on a pallet or conveyed by the MecaRoll system, which offers a safe connecting system between your different open areas. Conveying systems, turntables, automatic reel loading or unloading can, of course, be added to the basic installation to bring an immediate benefit and create a relevant logistic installation. Last but not least, WITECH has developed specific devices for waste management that are designed to make waste collection and disposal easier.


Reel storage and reel preparationReel storage and reel preparation: from a complete storage installation over reel preparation to reelstand loading

EcoTrans and TransRobotRoll stem from state-of-the-art technologies. Although TransRobotRoll enables holding rolls ready in an automatic store and offers great benefits for a rational, cost-effective and flexible production, EcoTrans is a reel handling and transport system which provides a highly flexible and efficient means of transporting reels to and from temporary storage locations. Other systems can, of course, be supplied, such as storage on conveyors or a reel ramp which acts as an automatic storage unit.

WITECH also provides performing reel preparation devices, used for reel stripping, pasting preparation, checking the roll condition, barcode input, checking the roll gross and net weight plus the perfect alignment of the roll for the following automatic processes.

Last but not least, the reel will be conveyed to one of our fully or half automatic reelstand loading systems, which enters the reel onto the processing machine.


Full reel logistic installationsFull reel logistic installations and after-sales services

After an in-depth analysis of the plant configuration and needs, WITECH will propose a full reel logistic project with high-level advice and help in the project thinking. After more than 25 years and 3000 installations worldwide, WITECH can bring its customers the technical support they need in the installation drawing, on-site mounting and installation starting.

Thanks to our strong experience in full reel logistic installations, we also offer our customers a high level of maintenance and after-sales services, including technical support and a 24/7 hotline.