Weston Handling Consultancy, now servicing the US Roll Handling market with bigger trucks to match bigger demand.

LV US Market

UK based design and manufacturing company Weston Handling Consultancy have expanded into the US market with a range of Reel Handling trucks specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the US$128 billion dollar Printing & Packaging industry. With the US representing 32% of the global packaging industry the move for Weston Handling was strategic at the same time as following the organic growth and increasing popularity of the Weston™ range of materials handling trucks. (Statistics from EY report)

The packaging industry relies heavily on the machinery and production line capabilities, this process must be as effective as possible to ensure that expensive down time is kept to a minimum and doesn’t result in expensive losses of margin. With this in mind and the global packaging industry growing year on year there is an increased demand across the globe, particularly in the US for materials handling equipment that can withstand bigger loads, to meet the higher outputs required to meet the growing demand.

IMG_0691 - Copy (2)Over the last quarter Weston Handling Consultancy has seen a 75% increase in the number of enquiries from the US and a 25% increase in orders of materials handling trucks. This follows the success of key products developed for key distributors in the States, with demand being so high that the end user has paid for the airfreight of two specialist Reel Trucks to ensure delivery in time to fulfil a large order.

The difference in a Weston™ truck is that they have been specifically designed to support the heavier and wide lifting loads required by the US market. The trucks that have been designed for this market include the pedestrian stacker trucks (Featured in Materials Handling and Logistics in March 2015), a bespoke, fully powered Drive, Lift & Tilt Reel Handling truck, to handle 4000lb reels @ up to 40” diameter x 68” long.

IMG_3004Weston™ also offer innovative additional safety systems, such as the option of having an Anti-Crush Kick-Plate, a tough metal skirt around the sides and back which floats on springs and is linked via several micro-switches to the Tiller Anti-Crush button to support health and safety requirements. Customized livery is also available, so that the trucks fit in with the band and the overall manufacturing process. The Anti-Crush Kick-Plate is an innovative addition that has really benefitted Blue Chip customers of Weston™ and key distributors.

“The global printing and packaging industry is only going to continue to grow and the need for improved solutions will grow with it. Weston Handling Consultancy have reacted to this growth and will continue to do so with the innovation and passion that we have for developing materials handling solutions.” Steve Weston, Managing Director, Weston Handling Consultancy.