Wegmann Companies to add BOBST Narrow Web Machine

Wegmann_BOBSTWegmann Companies (formerly A&D Label), located near St. Louis, Missouri has chosen to add a BOBST Narrow Web Machine as the ideal solution to complete their plant upgrade.

Owners Mark and Wendy Wegmann are happy to announce the purchase of a new BOBST flexographic printing press, stating, “We believe the technology of this machine will broaden our opportunities. Furthermore, verifiable and quantifiable print quality will make its mark on the entire industry, and BOBST is leading the way.”

Wegmann Companies is a family owned business, purchased three years ago by the Wegmanns. During the previous 30 years, Mark owned a company that manufactured and converted specialty adhesive coated products. Mark advised, “We are going to use the press in a variety of ways. Including augmenting our current print production along with combining it with some specialty off line production processes, that when used in tandem, will allow us to create products for a variety of markets, not currently available. We are also very excited about using the REVO (revolution) process, a turnkey solution for expanded gamut. We believe the color consistency of this process, offers significant value to our customers.”

The installation of this specially configured BOBST narrow web machine will complete their total upgrade of capabilities, having fully changed out all the old technology. Mark explained, “All our technology is now servo driven with vision throughout every process. We are going to have verifiable print/die cut quality available in report form, everything that flows through our plant will be vision inspected, making us a true top tier supplier.”


For additional information on BOBST, visit: www.bobst.com