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SH001Surface contamination, often referred to as micro contamination, is a challenge for manufacturers in many market sectors. Surface contamination can often result in costly rework and product scrap. Unfortunately not all contamination problems can be discovered during production or final inspection and may result in customer complaints and product returns some time after production. This can be very costly particularly if your product has been incorporated into another product.

KSM Superclean Ltd manufactures a range of contact cleaning machines to address the problem of micro-contamination.  Our Superclean Head (SH) range of machines is a single sided cleaning head, which is available in cleaning widths from 254mm to 1500mm and is primarily designed for cleaning web material on roll to roll applications.  The SH machine can, however, also be installed above a conveyor belt to clean panelized materials as they progress along the production line.

The SH range is fitted with a single SuperBlue elastomer particle transfer roller with 49mm OD, which is suitable for web speeds up to 200m/min.  The elastomer is available in various shore hardnesses to suit the material thickness being processed and provides optimum cleaning performance whilst preventing material wrap issues.

SH002Once the SuperBlue PTR has collected the contaminants from your critical surfaces it is then transferred to the adhesive roll where it is permanently trapped.  The adhesive roll and SuperBlue roller are chemically matched to prevent any possibility of adhesive transfer to your critical surfaces.

The SH machine is pneumatically actuated to bring the SuperBlue PTR into contact with the substrate and at the same time the adhesive roll is brought into contact with the PTR.  This mechanism is a further development to prevent adhesive transfer when the machine is not in use.

SH003If required a static neutralization bar can be fitted to the machine to ensure that your substrates are static neutral after processing and do not immediately attract contaminants after cleaning.

For double sided applications we provide the WASP machine, which is fitted with a 112mm OD PTR and is capable of web speeds of up to 350m/min.  The WASP machine has side pull access to the adhesive rolls for ease of access for operators when purging the saturated layer of adhesive.  The WASP range can also be configured for single sided cleaning of webs.  Both the SH and WASP ranges of machine are suitable for 24/7 operation.

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