VIV Holland confirm their fifth Bimec turret slitter rewinder

Foto Bimec-VIV Drupa 2016During Drupa 2016, company VIV – Verpakkings Industrie Veenendaal – one of the leading flexible packaging converters in Holland, have confirmed the purchase of their fifth Bimec duplex turret slitter rewinder model

The purchased machine is the TCA64C+ shown on the Bimec stand, this is the latest version of the turret slitter range

The duplex turret slitter rewinder TCA64C+ has been designed to combined the advantages of a compact design to the ones of a configuration with separate unwind stand

  • possibility of fitting a splicing table
  • easy access to the slitting area
  • short web-path under running board and well isolated from the floor to guarantee the hygiene standards and prevent any contamination of the material with dust

This machine is adressed to converters who need high machine performance and high speed

The TCA64C+, as well as all the models in this series, is highly automated to eliminate downtime during the working cycle, increase productivity and enhance the operator’s ease of use

The machine unwinds mother rolls up to 1000 mm of diameter and rewinds finished rolls up to 600 mm of diameter. It is also fully equipped with all the options to streamline set-up and job cycles. These include automatic tension control, programmable touch-screen control systems, shaft less unwinds and rewinding unloading facilities. +39 0331 307491