Valco Melton’s Coating & Converting Solutions Make a Big Impact at ICE Europe

Coating Station_Converter
Valco Melton’s ProClear™ Coating Station features rotating bar technology to perform completely uniform and streak-free coatings.

After three days with 7,040 visitors and 439 exhibitors spread across 11,000 square meters of exhibition space, Valco Melton has wrapped up one its most successful ICE Europe shows to date. ICE has always been a great venue for Valco Melton and offers a major meeting point to attract potential customers looking for coating and laminating systems across a range of applications.

Valco Melton is one of the world’s leading suppliers of adhesive dispensing and quality assurance equipment, offering in excess of 60 years experience. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with research and manufacturing facilities throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, and Spain, Valco Melton offers world class dispensing system solutions to customers in over 70 countries across the globe.

The ICE exhibition allowed Valco Melton to showcase products from its extensive range of solutions within the coating and converting sectors.

From labels and laminating to woodworking and nonwovens, Valco Melton has a skilled understanding with coating on a variety of substrates including paper, foil, film, foam, and release liner.

Upgrade your coating line to include hot melt capabilities by adding Valco Melton’s FlexCoat™ Coating Stations as either an integrated unit, or as a fully mobile accessory.

As customer demand for quality products increases, accurate and reliable adhesive application systems are playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing process. On top of this, customer requests for more unique and customized adhesive applications have made it even more vital for manufacturers to have the necessary coating machinery to fit each user’s specific needs.

To better meet these demands, Valco Melton has developed an extensive line of coating systems, which can be constructed as either a permanent fixture on an existing coating machine, or as a fully mobile “wheel in/wheel out” cart that allows an existing line to be upgraded to include hot melt or cold glue capabilities.

label stock_UK[5]
Coating stations like EasyCoat™ are a perfect choice for label stock and adhesive tape applications.
Standard product solutions include the ProClear™ Coating Station, which integrates motorized rotating bar technology, which not only eliminates the risk of scratches to the coating surface, but also performs completely uniform, streak-free applications, no matter how small the adhesive grammage.

Valco Melton also offers a number of other coating stations including the FlexCoat Station, designed for high-speed, intermittent or continuous hot melt coating applications including printing presses, packing-list envelope lines, master roll label stock and adhesive tape applications.

ProClear Nozzles[4]
Get three different applications with one coating station using Valco Melton’s ProClear™ Series.
The EasyCoat Station offers solutions for wide web continuous coating with low and accurate grammage coatings, which can be installed in lines up to three meters wide. It is designed to work with a large variety of materials including: hot melt, cold glues, UV resins and many other fluids.

The coating applicators also feature interchangeable blades for easy changeover from the rotating bar nozzle to standard coating die, thus increasing your production flexibility.

To learn more about Valco Melton’s coating and converting solutions, click here to speak with a product specialist today and see why Valco Melton is the ideal partner for any high precision coating or laminating project.


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