Vacuumatic’s RTIS3 Web Marking System

IMG_6948 RetouchVacuumatic just launched the new generation of RTIS3 web marking system. This RTIS3 generation has a modular design which allows to adapt installation and functions to the needs of the customers.

All RTIS-3 flaggers are now available as OFF WEB version (like the previous RTIS-Lite and RTIS-2) and NEW as OVER WEB version. This offers much more options regarding installation, especially whenever the standard OFF WEB option cannot be installed due to restricted space.

RTIS 3The various executions of the New RTIS-3 comprise:

  • RTIS-3 Basic with basic interface box: this is flagging only, no further option (like our former RTIS-Lite), This RTIS-3 Basic is used whenever only a flag is required, no further information or option required.
  • RTIS-3 Standard, with advanced interface box and standard printing of 3 character code like our former RTIS-2 with an integrated mini thermo-direct printer. So various reasons for flagging can be printed onto the label before being applied onto the web.
  • The new RTIS-3 Advanced with much more functions which can optionally and individually be integrated into the system:
  • RTIS-3 Advanced, with advanced interface box and a variety of options:
    1. Advanced Printing: beside the standard 3 character code it will also be able to print Barcodes, QR-Codes, Live Data’s such as date or time
    2. RTISTacho-Option: it delays a signal in accordance to the current web speed to mark the defect in relation to the web speed
    3. MIS software to give information to other systems
    4. Self-Programming Printing Software: to change the coding of the label prints individually
    5. Dual Head Option: Simultaneous triggering of up to 9 heads with just one Interface-Box
    6. Label-Control Assembly to insure there is a required label on the web, if not it triggers a second one if the first wasn’t detected
    7. Additional Button Box: If the standard quantity of 8 automatic inputs and 8 manual fire buttons is not enough you can plug in an additional box for 8 more inputs each.
    8. Radio remote control


Technical drawings are available in various file formats upon request.

The team at Vacuumatic will be pleased to offer advice and information in order to specify the RTIS3 best suited to your requirements.

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