UV Days – Happy Days for Printers Seeking Efficiency

There is growing interest in all forms of UV which provide printers with dry sheets off the press and give an aesthetic lift to the work produced. To find out more about UV, LED-UV, LE-UV and excimer technology (for industrial coatings) why not attend UV Days which runs from Monday 13 to Thursday 16 May at the headquarters of IST METZ in Nürtingen, near Stuttgart.

This free open house has attracted a record 45 exhibitors, meaning that visitors can not only access the expertise of IST but also tap into the know-how of other players in the graphic arts sector.

There will be seminars and demonstrations each day and access to award-winning IST METZ products. Visitors can attend for whatever length of time suits them.

IST offers UV, LED-UV or LE-UV (and its hybrid Hot Swap) systems to press manufacturers and retrofits to printers with existing presses, an affordable way to trial the benefits.

IST is well positioned to advise printers on the technical advantages of the different UV options and to help customers calculate the costs, including objective advice on the inks and chemistry to use, and the benefits.

LED-UV is gaining ground in the UK sheetfed and narrow web markets and is attractive because of its clear environmental advantages, using up to 60 per cent less energy than conventional UV. It is well established as a technology for digital presses.

LED-UV cartridges are a higher investment but have a very long life, expected to be a minimum of 20,000 hours. The construction of the LED bars means that individual modules of LED arrays can be exchanged on site, rather than sending the complete unit back for repair. The fact the LED-UV unit switches on and off during production, as substrates pass by, helps to keeps energy usage down. IST can easily retrofit LED-UV units to a press in the field.

IST (UK) is based in offices in Skipton and its joint managing directors Simon Mitchell (07771-614487) and Chris Schofield ((07768-353160) will happily take your call to discuss a visit to UV Days or to arrange a visit to discuss your drying and coating requirements.