UPM Raflatac launches new peel and reseal products for food labelling

Raflatac has widened its food labelling product range with two new peel and reseal label materials for the European market.

Peel-rseal PP white FTC 60 and Peel-rseal PP Clear FTC 50 are solutions for more demanding re-closure labelling applications where the packaging will be opened and closed multiple times.

Open-close labels make packaging more user friendly. High-performance reclosing is also essential for food packaging to ensure that food stays fresh. Both of these new top-coated PP film face materials are compliant with food safe regulations. They are best paired with RC512, a new UV acrylic adhesive specifically designed for open-close labels for food applications.

“These two new peel and reseal film products provide excellent open-close functionality for food applications,” says Jouni Iiskola, segment manager food, UPM Raflatac. “The new RC512 adhesive ensures that labels can be opened and closed multiple times while still sticking well and looking good. This gives end-users a positive experience and enhances the brand image at the same time.”