Unveiled: drupa cube 2016 conference programme

drupa cubeVisitors to drupa 2016, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for print and cross-media solutions, will experience an exciting new approach to innovation in print when they stop by the drupa cube.

This special conference and event programme will feature a wide range of applications for printed products in numerous industries and areas of life.

Sabine Geldermann, director of drupe (seen below), said of the event: “New technologies like printed electronics and 3D printing, creative multichannel applications and the use of digital printing techniques in packaging and other sectors continue to illustrate the amazing potential of print.

“This potential is the focus of drupa cube, with its international conference and event programme. Through an interdisciplinary approach, it is also designed to bridge the knowledge gap about the relevancy and functionality of print that often exists between printing professionals and their creative agency, marketing, and brand owner clients across a variety of vertical markets.”

In contrast to the first two cube conferences in 2008 and 2012, the 11-day programme is organised based on six key drupa 2016 themes: multichannel; print; functional printing; 3D printing; package production; and green printing.

Sabine Geldermann, director of drupa
Sabine Geldermann, director of drupa

Each presentation slot will combine various themes using best practice case studies: functional printing and packaging printing, 3D printing and sustainability, and multichannel including print are some of the combinations being explored. This encourages thinking beyond supposedly fixed boundaries. This outside-the-box principle opens up new possibilities for visitors and broadens the horizon for the future of print.

Through its range of themes and its interdisciplinary concept, drupa cube is, for the first time, also addressing selected vertical markets including the food, consumer goods, interior design, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries; and the financial and public sectors. “In this way, we aim to attract new visitor groups to drupa and inspire them with the possibilities of print,” added Geldermann.

The strategic and creative design of the programme and its simple-mentation were handled by brand experience agency FreemanXP. “I am confident that in FreemanXP we have the perfect partner at our side,” Geldermann said. “Thanks to projects they have accomplished for global players like EFI, HP and the U.S. trade fair Graph Expo, FreemanXP has the necessary industry experience.”

The details of the drupa cube programme are currently being finalised; it is expected that a provisional programme will be published later this year at www.drupa.com

Also new at drupa 2016, participation in the cube programme will be free for visitors to drupa, included in the day ticket price of €65 (or €45 for tickets purchased online).