ULMA’s automated packaging solutions can boost UK production

Ulma PackagingIf Britain is to remain competitive in a global market it needs to improve its productivity, and one way of achieving this is by adopting fully automated packaging processes for greater accuracy, to cut waste, save time and money and significantly increase output.

ULMA Packaging, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging machinery and complete production lines, now boasts an automation division to help clients in the food, drinks, pharmaceutical and other related sectors to maximise their packaging solutions.

Completely automated packaging lines can contribute to a thriving manufacturing sector by playing an important role in developing competitiveness by driving productivity and innovation through the supply chain – critical cornerstones to future prosperity for corporates and SMEs alike.

UK companies are realising that automation does not need to cost a fortune or have to be complex – yet it can cut manufacturing costs, offer flexibility to accommodate changes in product and demand, improve quality and be environmentally friendly.

ULMA can provide a wide range of high level automated solutions, such as loading, packaging, weighing and labelling, case packing, palletising/de-palletising, internal case or tray transport.

Centralised line control software has been designed and developed to provide real time control of the packaging line from one single point for any ULMA installation, useful for improving the efficiency and performance of the production line.

At the core of all complete automated lines from ULMA is its renowned range of different packaging machines – Flowrappers, Thermoforming, Tray-sealing, Vertical and Shrink.

The state-of-the-art range of flowrapping equipment from ULMA is reliable and robust, suitable for a wide range of films that maintain the texture and quality of food items, such as ‘ovenable’ cook-in-the-bag chicken, fresh produce, chocolate, confectionery and biscuits.

ULMA’s new generation of TFS Thermoformers are some of the most hygienic on the market thanks to its design, which provides easy access for deep cleaning to help food manufacturers meet and even surpass the most exacting regulatory standards demanded by today’s industry.

On the tray-sealing front, ULMA offers high speed MAP packing of meat and poultry products along with a high speed vertical wrapper, a packaging machine capable of speeds of up to 140 packs per minute and adaptable to intermittent or continuous mode.

Other automated solutions include high production speed robots to enable individual loading of goods into cavities, trays or feeding belts. The system provides product quality control and only loads the products that fulfil the required quality parameters. A Multiweigher loading system using a weighing and counting multi-combination system, also offers a high accuracy level.

By tapping into the latest packaging technologies, production processes and methods related to automation, UK manufacturers can improve the workplace environment, boost productivity and maximise profits to ensure their future sustainability in an increasingly discerning marketplace.