ULMA Packaging’s new flowrapper targets fresh food products

ULMA FlowrapperULMA Packaging has added another packaging solution to its renowned selection of flowrapping equipment, with the launch of the FM200 for wrapping fresh food pillow pack style with three seals in a modified atmosphere.

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging machinery and complete automated lines, ULMA’s new FM200 horizontal flowrapper is designed with improved functionality and ease of use for sealing poultry, fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and fish.

The flowrapper is compact and convenient and it has been designed with smaller businesses in mind; it is affordable too, a manageable price tag reflecting its versatility.

Dave Berriman, ULMA’s technical manager, said: “The FM200 is ideal for the small to medium sized factory. It’s very flexible and can be used for a huge variety of food products to extend their shelf life. Anything from meat, dairy, fish to convenience food – the FM200 can be used on hamburgers or hotdogs.”

Its stainless steel frame reduces the accumulation of impurities allowing optimum cleaning and hygiene, while its touch screen control panel enables easier operation with various parameter settings for each product. ‘No product No Bag’ and ‘Misplaced product safety’ functions are standard in this machine.

The new FM200 is part of ULMA’s new family of machines, providing improved performance and ease of use, such as the Artic Quad cook-in-the-bag wrapping technology.

ULMA is headquartered in Oñati, Northern Spain, and has subsidiaries in 18 countries across the world. The company is renowned for improving production efficiencies and pack designs. The FM200 can be adapted for a variety of films and integrated into a high-speed automated line.

Building on the success of earlier ULMA packaging machines, this latest model has been built using the newest technology to push the boundaries of food packaging and meet customers’ most demanding requirements.