ULMA Packaging can help medical and pharmaceutical companies meet new EU legislation

ULMA Packaging is pleased to announce that it can support companies in the UK’s medical and pharmaceutical sectors with Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) compliant equipment, by helping them respond to the new European Union legislation designed to tighten product safety in the supply chain

The UK Government has confirmed that Brexit will not put a stop to its plans to implement FMD in February next year. This legislation imposes two mandatory safety demands on packs of medical products – a unique identifier barcode to ensure full traceability and tamper evident features to assure patients that their medicines have not been interfered with.

ULMA is synonymous for its comprehensive range of versatile and robust packaging kit suitable for medical devices and pharmaceuticals – being a global supplier of packaging machine solutions, the company is not limited to a single packaging technology.

Its equipment can incorporate different labelling and coding systems to ensure traceability data is transparent across the entire logistics chain, as well as creating tamper-proof packaging, such as blister packs and shrink wrapping, for the maximum protection of healthcare products. Each ULMA solution can be issued with an internal validation document that connects with the customer’s specification, and which is constantly cross-referenced during the testing and setting up of the equipment to ensure compatibility with all requirements.

The leading packaging machinery specialist can provide the latest in high performance thermoformers, flow packs, fill and seal technology, traysealing, blister, shrink wrapping and sleeve wrapping, matched by a diverse range of plastic films, medical grade paper, Tyvek and aluminised materials to safeguard against mis-handling and contamination.

Particularly suited to mass medical device packaging, ULMA Thermoform machines produce trays from rollstock material by means of heat, pressure and vacuum with a machine layout which facilitates manual or automated product filling. Fixed and variable data printing & labelling can be completed before or after sealing and before the cutting stages. Finished thermoformed packs are suitable to be sterilised by steam-heat treatments, gases (e.g. ethylene oxide) or radiation.

ULMA is confident that by providing flexible machines that can manage the different materials and features required for protecting medical devices and pharmaceutical products from illicit interference, it is making a significant contribution towards patient safety.

Martin Baldwin, ULMA’s Thermoformer Business Manager in the UK and Ireland, said: “We have huge experience in meeting the strictest standards laid down by the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Our diverse packaging technology addresses the challenges posed by legislation designed to improve protection and preserve tough sterilisation conditions of healthcare products.”

Known for its global experience in supplying all-round packaging technology, ULMA also provides a full after sales support service in the UK and Ireland, giving its customers peace of mind that production lines can be maintained effectively and businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

Always striving to stay one step ahead of its competitors by designing and supplying systems for virtually any packaging requirement, ULMA’s equipment can play an important role in developing companies’ competitiveness by driving productivity and innovation – critical cornerstones to future prosperity for corporates and SMEs alike.

Many in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors are probably prepared for the new FMD legislation when it comes into effect next year, however ULMA is ready to step in with the innovative, efficient and robust packaging equipment to help pharma companies meet their obligations.