Troika Systems to launch new analysis tools for print industry at Drupa 2016

AIM preview DrupaTroika Systems Ltd., the market leader in quality control analysis management systems for the print industry, will unveil two new cutting edge technologies at Drupa 2016.

The company designs and develops a range of state-of-the-art quality control management systems for the print industry to drive operational efficiency and continuous improvement.

At Drupa, Troika will launch CorruCAM, a tool that is able to measure aniloxes within corrugated presses, and the Advanced Inspection Microscope (AIM), a fast, accurate and simple to operate 2D microscope that can work in conjunction with different applications within the print industry.

Phil Hall, managing director at Troika, said: “For many years we have been asked to design and develop a product that can measure aniloxes for the corrugated market. The difficulty has been that most corrugated presses have limited access to the anilox, typically from the side only, making our standard 3D scanning microscope, AniCAM, unsuitable for that purpose as it would have to measure at 90 degrees from its normal vertical position.

“The CorruCAM has been designed to work at up to 120 degrees from the vertical, making it a practical tool for anilox measurement and management in the corrugated press. The CorruCAM will offer the corrugated print industry excellent quality control and accurate measurements across an anilox or printing plate. Once data is collected and automatically analysed it helps converters reduce waste and improve quality in subsequent print runs.”

The second product, the Advanced Inspection Microscope (AIM) can be used with the Advance Gravure Analysis (AVA) and Advance FlexoPlate Analysis (APA) applications.

Mr Hall added: “Together, the AIM 2D microscope and its applications will form a natural replacement for the older DOS and Windows 95 ageing microscopes and systems which many gravure engravers and printers are currently using. It is a high speed combination which will automate top surface measurement of gravure engravings, helping to eliminate operator error.

“For flexo-plates, the 2D Advance FlexoPlate Analysis (APA) application will give greater in-depth analysis of flexo-plates for dot size, dimensions, relief depth and plate condition analysis. Used alongside the AIM, it will be positioned between the 3D analysis of the AniCAM/FlexoPlate QC and the low cost Plate to Print (P2P) HD unit used for simple mechanical dot analysis on plate or print.”

Implementing Troika technology into the pre-press and print process has numerous benefits including increased press productivity, reduced consumables waste in the press shop, production consistency which drives brand owner satisfaction and loyalty, and increased converter competitiveness and profitability.

Ahead of Drupa, Troika will launch further improvements to its FlexoPlate QC and Anilox Management System (AMS) for the Anilox QC.

The FlexoPlate QC update will include automatic recognition of the top of the dots for much faster and less subjective dot measurement. Meanwhile, AMS users will soon be able to see graphics showing the reduction in volume and depth of aniloxes over a period time to enable better forecasting of when rolls will need to be replaced.

These new developments and product launches follow on from a busy 2015 for Troika. The company introduced a range of new measurement tools and delivered enhanced scan and analysis speeds for its three AniCAM applications.

For the SurfaceCAM, Troika introduced the Low Screen (LS) Anilox QC and Engraving QC applications and earlier this year, the SurfaceCAM Calibration Program (SCP), an accurate calibration system for coating and embossing converters.

Recent winners of the EFIA innovation award, Troika will be on stand 10C13-4 at Drupa.