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Remarkable growth in enquiries and sales of our turret slitter models T410 & T610. These highly versatile machines are well suited for most extensible material types. And to prove the point of the last three supplied this year, one was for printed films, another was for adhesive tapes, and the most recent supplied for label laminate and non-woven materials!

All three machines were supplied at 1600mm web width, two were at 610mm rewind and one was a 450mm rewind diameter, two of the three supplied had an overhead web path, and one was underfed at the customers request.

The rewind section will have 2 x automatically indexing turrets with 2 x full width differential slip winding shafts located within each turret.

The rewinding shafts on the turret are fitted with our laser core position system to ensure the cores are in the correct position this system is motorized using a single laser mounted to a ball screw that is accurately positioned by a stepper motor the data for the positioning is entered via the operator interface.

These modular systems can have automatic knife setting system, automatic roll removal and transfer units. The standard machine running speed for these machines is 600mpm.



SP-6 model six head spooling machine has been designed to produce spools of material each individual traverse winding head is totally independent of the others. A complex winding software programme controls the position of each spool-winding shaft in one-degree increments to produce a quality finished spooled roll.

Rewind mandrel drive

Oscillator drive via a ball-screw

Gap or Contact winding drive, via a ball-screw

The rewinding drive is electronically geared to the oscillator ball-screw, so that when the parameters have been loaded into screen it will produce the specified spool design.

Both Gap or Contact winding are also controlled via the motion controller so that when gap winding is selected, the material thickness and gap required along with details of the external diameter of the core is entered into the operator colour touch screen, and therefore at the end of every traverse the material in- feed arm moves the exact material thickness maintaining a constant gap as the spool diameter increases.

In Contact mode the material in-feed roller is moved backwards by the increase of the spool diameter, a sensor then detects this movement and adjusts the in-feed arm back maintaining contact at all times.



Our in line narrow web flexographic printing machine AluSilver is a modular flexo printing machine specially dedicated to print unsupported soft & semi-hard aluminium foils for pharmaceutical blister applications, yogurt lids, chocolate wrappers, wine capsules and other laminates. The machine can be equipped with either hot air drying or U.V. curing or both as applicable to your requirement.

There are two versions available one of the AluSilveris a FULL SERVO control and the other option is GEAR shaft driven.

AluSilverTechnical data:

  • Web width………………………………220- 820mm
  • Max operating speed………………..…..200 m/min
  • Print repeat..…………………………….270 – 600mm
  • Unwind diameter………………………..up to 1000 mm
  • Rewind diameter.………………………up to 1000 mm
  • Materials to print:.- Alu foil from  9my / Alu Laminates…Up to 150 gsm

AluSilverFeatures and options:

  • FULL Servo drive control system
  • Digital AC motor drive SIEMENS SIMOTION
  • Digital tension control
  • Automatic edge guiding system
  • Wide Touch Screen HMI 17”
  • Operator friendly HMI
  • Ethernet remote diagnostic
  • Heating system: hot air or UV
  • Close chamber doctor blade system or metering roll
  • Sleeves system – On request
  • In line slitting unit – On request
  • Metric or Imperial gear printing pitch – On request