The NEW Zechini Roby Zero can change format size in 12 seconds

Books are back!

More and more people have started to turn away from reading online whether on their kindles, iPad or computer screens and have started turning pages – BPIF source indicates 2016/17 figure for books sold is 360,000,000 up by 7,000,000 in 2015/16. However, that doesn’t mean we’re all turning the page back a decade – it means book printers are printing books but at much shorter run lengths. Seeing the trend Zechini have come up with an answer in their new casemaker, the Zechini Roby Zero. This short run case maker can change size in just 12 seconds. It is distributed along with all Zechini bindery equipment in the UK and Ireland by Friedheim International.

How is this 12 seconds for a change over even possible? Think of a simple arcade joystick – that is how easy the Roby Zero is to use. It has integrated gluing unit for hot glue – which can also be used with PVA glue as well for lining, board positioning device with automated set-up and combined turning-in and pressing unit.

The Roby Zero replaces the Mephisto in Zechini’s range of specialist book binding equipment. All the usual covering materials: laminated/unlaminated paper, photo paper, fabric, padded cardboard, artificial leather can be used and depending on operator skill, the materials and the job itself, the Roby Zero has a maximum mechanical speed of 150 cases per hour, making the extremely simple Roby Zero a perfect solution for the production of book cases in very short runs.

Zechini, one of the world’s specialist manufacturers of bookbinding and converting machines. They offer an extensive range of complementary equipment for bookbinding operations covering the complete spectrum of short, medium and longer production runs. The company is committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advances so that users are provided with the most practical and cost-effective solutions to their production requirements. Zechini’s aim is to work closely with its customers, and if a standard machine is not the answer, then a custom-designed solution will be found!

For further details about Zechini’s comprehensive range of bookbinding equipment as well as the new customer incentive scheme, contact Friedheim International, Tel: 01442 206100, e-mail:, or visit the website: