The Key to Rewinding is Strain!

When rewinding there are three main factors to control – Tension, Nip Load and Wind Torque – these forces and torques can be viewed as the stress and strain in the product being rewound. By ensuring they are actively monitored and controlled you will end up with an improved final product, whether it be paper, foil, plastic film, wire or your own very special material.

The Tension and Wind Torque are directly linked together, as the measured tension is fed back to the control system to adjust the drive on the final rewind core. Remember poor rewind control at this stage could cause telescoping, buckling, gauge bands and even crushed cores, all of which means more waste. The Nip Load is set based on the material specification and has been fine-tuned over many years by the machine operators, but when was the last time you actually measured it?

So, the real key is to measure the material tension as close to the final core as possible, to ensure a perfect product every time to meet your customers exacting requirements. Can TTS Systems help you measure your rewind Stress and Strain?

The UK manufactured cartridge transducers are available in two shaft choices – CRL with a live rotating bearing head and CRF with a fixed head, both designs allow for shaft end float, thus reducing any load mis-alignment or side loading. Measurement capacities from 10N to 5,000N, the full strain gauge bridge configuration has an output range of 2mV/V and offered with either an M12 or Amphenol connector.

This is matched with our custom designed transducer service – mounting assembly, shaft diameter / length, connector type / location, output, etc. Contact our design team today with your application requirements –

TTS Systems have been designing and manufacturing web tension measurement and control solutions for over 20 years. Working with System Builders, OEMs and End Users providing technical support and back up in the UK and Europe through our direct staff or distribution partners.

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