tesa investment in cutting edge technology to benefit customers

Tesa's New Slitting Machinetesa’s UK operation, based in Milton Keynes, has purchased a state-of-the-art slitting machine that will ensure the company meets the demand for bespoke adhesive tapes for many years to come.

With the existing machine running at near capacity in 2014, the company’s decision to purchase a new machine was easy to make.

Ray Webster, operations manager for tesa UK, was given the responsibility for sourcing the replacement and after evaluating machines from eight of the world’s leading manufacturers a decision was made to stay with Cevenini.

Once the order for the Cevenini E450 LP was placed, Webster was invited to go to Cevenini’s manufacturing operation in Concorezzo, Monza, Italy for an acceptance trial, using a range of tesa tapes with the machine being run for 40 hours by Cevenini before it was released.

The new technology in the Cevenini E450 LP brings greater efficiencies and greater flexibility to the range of log slit tapes. The advantages compared to the old machine are width increased from 1.6m to 1.7m wide, diameter increased from 400 to 430mm and weight increased from 50 to 80kg, giving tesa’s customers a more extensive selection of bespoke products to suit their requirements.

Also, with a much more powerful motor, double the power of the old machine, the E450 LP can slit harder products like tesa Bodyguard in less time with ease and less stress on the machine.

Talking of his purchase, Webster said: “With the new slitting machine our aim is to reduce lead times from five to seven working days from receipt of order to three to five working days, providing a much more efficient service for tesa’s customers.”