Technology on display

Bimec is an italian company that has specialised for more than 40 years in the design and construction of slitter rewinders for the slitting and rewinding of plastic film, paper and laminates, as well as all other material commonly used in the flexible packaging market

The year 2018 will be very important for Bimec. From May 29 to June 1, Bimec will be protagonist of two important events. The company will be participating as exhibitor at Print4All, the international converting show in Milano-Rho, and it will also hold an open house..



This year, five exhibitions will be organised to be held at the same time in Milano-Rho Fiera fairgrounds: PLAST, IPACK-IMA, PRINT4ALL, MEAT-TECH and INTRALOGISTICA. This project is called Innovation Alliance and is designed as an international showcase for the finest in synergetic and complementary product areas. The Innovation Alliance is bringing together the five trade fair events for the first time, each a leader in its own reference sector. With one ticket visitors can attend all five shows.

On this occasion Bimec will exhibit one of its flagship models, the duplex slitter rewinder – single face – STM50. The machine can unwind mother rolls up to 800mm diameter and can rewind finished rolls up to 500mm diameter.

The model on show will be displayed as a full-optional version, with accessories such as the differential rewind shafts, computerised control system via the touchscreen operator panel, easy setting systems for the operator, and pushing system for the finished roll unloading.



In concomitance with the show, Bimec has organised an open house in the new and larger factory in Vanzaghello, Italy. This will be a unique occasion to visit the factory, see the slitter rewinders production range in action, and to experience the design and engineering skills of Bimec.



The TF design combines the best attributes of the two series of Bimec slitter rewinders: the compactness, easy of use and ergonomics of the single-face STM50 model, with the high speed, technical solutions in rewinding and equipment of the TCA series.



The Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder TCA64C+ has been designed to combine the advantages of a compact design and configuration with separate unwind stand. Bimec duplex-turret slitter rewinder mod TCA64C+ allows for the possibility of fitting a splicing table, easy access to the slitting area, a short web-path under the running board, and it is well isolated from the floor to guarantee the hygiene standards and prevent contamination of the material with dust. The machine has also provides a solution for converters needing high machine performance and high speed.



The inspection rewinder BDM has been designed to rectify finished rolls with alignment defects and can be supplied with slitting and exhausting system for the trim, splice table or stroboscopic lamp for the print vision.

All models that will be shown during the open house are the result of 40 years experience, mixed with the continuous innovation and skill thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the converter issues. A shuttle service from the show to Bimec factory will be available for all guests. Bimec continues to satisfy its customers’ needs through the pursuit of technological innovation, machine improvement and the highest engineering standards, thus consolidating its position as a leading supplier to the converting industry.