“Taking Roll Hardness Measurement to another level” A unique measurement device to identify non-uniform rolls. The ACA RoQ , information at a touch of a button.

ACA RoQ – Roll hardness profile

ACA Systems Oy from Finland has introduced lately ACA RoQ Roll hardness profiler. It is the State of the Art instrument designed to solve precisely issues like bagginess, soft edges, telescoping etc.. in flex pack, plastic film, paper and nonwoven applications. The instrument measures roll hardness based on deceleration with a frequency of 50 hits / second or every 1mm.

Roll hardness profile displayed on the screen of the device

The movement of the hammer is controlled by electrical fields leading to excellent repeatability and reliability of the measurement.  In additions, the distance is measured as profiler is moved on a roll. Results are displayed as a hardness profile, distance (cm) vs. hardness (g) and various profile key values are calculated and displayed automatically.

ACA ROQ WEB Cloud service

Due to its integrated smart apps such as embedded touch screen, build-in barcode reader and IoT functionalities, the ACA RoQ revolutionizes the profile and roll hardness test practices. ACA RoQ represents also new technologies in the landscape of Industry 4.0 or IoT (Internet of Things). The state of the art mobile technology device is integrated into a RoQ Web cloudservice. The cloud enables statistical profile analysis and allows connecting multiple devices together and increases the magnitude of value via total roll-quality-management.


Bagginess and roll hardness profile

ACA Roll hardness profile and visual observation of bagginess

Web bagginess is a roll defect that is well known in almost every step in the roll making value chain. It can be found on web formers, calenders, coaters, printers, weaving machines, winders and so on.  Bagginess is usually formed out of ridges caused by local peaks or drops in thickness / gage / calibre profile. In other words, the obvious reason for bagginess is bad roll profile, not that roll is manufactured somehow baggy. However, it has been almost impossible to determine the profile variations by existing direct measurements such as on-line thickness or caliber. The great news for the roll industry is that ACA RoQ hardness profiles is overcoming these issues and it is possible to reject problematic rolls before they get very expensive in the value chain.  With smart reporting and data-analysis tool you are able to control your roll quality with great statistical confidence.


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