Sysco Specialty Rotary Die Cutting to expand on the American continent

IMG_0741SYSCO Machinery Corp. has more than 35 years experience in the design and manufacture of cutting equipment (flatbed presses, hydraulic presses and complete card manufacturing solutions).

Now leader in specialty rotary die cutting & laser cutting solutions, Sysco offers the electronic industry and engineers the conception freedom to solve problems materials & specifications that are considered unmachinable with conventional equipment. With capabilities such as servomotor-controlled stations, highest accuracy on the market, unique CCD camera vision systems and close loop tension control we produce equipment that will make you reach new breaking grounds.

Sysco Machinery Corp. solutions are designed with constant evolution in mind, both in production and in cutting edge technologies to remain at the forefront of ever-changing markets.

IMG_0739Sysco’s team has been serving customers with tailor made solutions to the electronic, automotive, pharmaceutical and technical label industries through its very exclusive distributors and partners. Dorey Converting Systems (DCS France) is Sysco’s partner for over 25 years in Europe and is now opening a new company DCS USA based in Durham, NC to bring this new technology to the American market.

DCS USA and Sysco will be participating for the first time in the USA at the ICE Expo in Orlando from February 10-12 2015 and will be displaying its Rotary Die Cutting machine.

When you demand the highest quality design and engineering support along with consistent, and reliable performance, count on the experts at Sysco and Dorey Converting Systems. We support you through all of your engineering applications development and production.

Sysco Machinery Corp. can provide custom precision die cutting equipment for aerospace, medical, electronics applications where quality, reliability, and performance are key.

The technology developed offers the possibility to produce multi-layers complex products in one run, with extremely high accuracy. Sysco’s technology also offers the flexibility to handle the most demanding composite materials by combining rotary die cutting and laser cutting on the same machine. You can laminate, die cut and laser cut (through and kiss cut) in 1 run! Each of the models can be equipped with a 1 or 2 laser stations.

Advanced capabilities of Sysco’s rotary die cutting machines:

  • The RDC machine has high repeatability, making it ideal for long production runs for complex, multi-layer die-cutting and lamination.
  • Sysco’s rotary machine performs with high accuracy, at tolerances to +/-0.005”.
  • The servo driven plateform ensures that each cut and lamination is accomplished with precision, allowing for tight tolerances ranging from +/-0.015” – +/-0.005”
  • Accurate registration by CCD camera makes it ideal for the implementation of intricate designs over long production runs, closely nested to reduce waste.
  • Electronic web tension control ensures precise registration. Repeatability is as high as +/-0.005″ (depending on material characteristics).
  • The Sysco RDC has five to ten cutting/laminating stations*, each capable of handling multiple layers of cut, kiss-cut or lamination.
  • Each of the machines can be equipped with 1 or 2 laser stations. You can laminate, die cut and laser cut (through and kiss-cut) on the same machine in 1 run!

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