SWEMKO UK LTD “Have the edge”

RZ_Zusammenstellung_Bilder_mit_Logo.inddSwemko UK Ltd is this year enjoying its 40th Anniversary supplying Industrial machine Knives, Knife Holders to the UK’s Converting industry throughout the United Kingdom.

Over the past four decades the business has evolved and strengthened and we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to the products and services we provide to our customers.

We currently operate from four Sharpening facilities across the UK. Livingston, Rotherham, London and Bristol.

With our own fleet of vehicles the majority of our customers can have blades collected and delivered securely within a weekly service.

Forty years dealing with cutting has given us a wealth of experience in all material applications from Basic Paper to Adhesive backed and Non Wovens and the ability to offer sound sensible advice to our customers to improve productivity, minimise downtime, improve cut quality, reduce reel rejection and extend blade life.

Established agency agreements with German suppliers Dienes and TKM ensure we can supply top quality knives and Pneumatic Knife holders to suit all applications, Including shear and Crush cutting and in addition use not only our local experience but draw on the knowledge and expertise of our partners from around the world.

With so many steel grades and material variances available in the market today it is critical to slit quality and blade life to match the correct slitting tools.

_Q7F0022-3+Logo (3)Swemko’s aims are:

To give sound advice on the best blade material combination and set up to maximise slit quality and blade life.

To help our customers manage stock levels to avoid lengthy deliveries and shortfalls in supply.

To offer customer training on site to ensure blade set up is maximised following the simple rules of overlap, toe in, side lay and pressure.

To service and maintain knife holders so they are working at their optimum performance.

To offer a full range of Pneumatic knife Holders as well as fully automatic and semi-automatic knife position systems, engineered to suit existing equipment regardless of its age, current slitting equipment and method.

If your operation uses Guillotines, Rotary Slitters, Sheet Cutters, Punches or Specialist blades then please give us a call to arrange a visit from one of our technical sales team to demonstrate exactly what we can do for you and your business.