Sustainable options that don’t cost the earth

From new recycled paper facestock to marble-based paper and compostable adhesive, Avery Dennison is offering brand owners and converters an increasingly wide choice of sustainable options.

“Avery Dennison is making excellent progress toward its ambitious 2025 sustainability goals announced at Labelexpo Europe in 2015,” said Renae Kezar, sr. director, global leader of sustainability. “At Labelexpo 2017, in Brussels, we provided a detailed update on our performance against these goals, releasing our Sustainability Report 2015-2017 while also showcasing our range of sustainable products and solutions,” Kezar added.

Avery Dennison is rolling out its Forest Stewardship Council-certified Recycled Paper Facestock range. The range helps brand owners meet sustainability targets. The company’s latest solution is a 100 per cent recycled paper facestock manufactured without chlorine bleaching, but still offering similar whiteness, bright appearance and opacity to its non-recycled counterparts.

Carefully selected post-consumer waste (PCW) streams are used to ensure good material properties for high-quality, pressure-sensitive labelling. The resulting FSC-certified facestock delivers print quality and conversion speed, and the 100 per cent recycled PCW material contains up to 30 per cent recycled liner, and helps brand owners and converters to close the loop at no additional cost.

Avery Dennison also showcased the ClearIntent portfolio, aimed at supporting converters and brand owners in their quest to meet sustainable packaging goals.

“Avery Dennison has been creating more and more materials designed to empower sustainable choices and it makes perfect sense to assemble all of them under one umbrella,” said Georg Mueller-Hof, vice president marketing.

“Label converters can now offer materials to their customers with confidence, knowing that anything within the ClearIntent range provides the sustainability credentials they seek. The available materials cover a wide range of applications, and enable converters to have more ways to say ‘yes’ to sustainability.”

The materials in this portfolio have to meet at least one of three main sustainability standards to qualify for the new portfolio,” adds Luuk Zonneveld, Avery Dennison’s product manager for sustainability. These include:

– Responsible sourcing: Verification by third party companies that a significant amount of the product’s content comes from sustainably sourced materials.

– Reduction of material: Products must offer comparable or superior performance to a conventional alternative, while using less material.

– Recycling: Requires a label material to be recyclable itself, to be made of recycled content, or to enable or improve the recyclability of the container or packaging the label is on.