Sun Chemical to showcase portfolio of packaging solutions to brand owners at interpack 2017

At interpack 2017 (May 4-10, 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany), Sun Chemical, using the theme ‘Brighter Ideas for Packaging’ in Hall 7a, Stand C06, will address the key aspects of packaging optimisation, reflected as five separate zones on the stand: consumer protection, world of colour, lightweighting, food waste and consumer experience.

 Sun Chemical offers a range of brand protection solutions including, UV responsive and infra-red inks, infra-red taggants integrated within spot colours or varnishes, hidden images embedded into existing packaging designs and smartphone authentication. Highlighted at interpack 2017 will be SunTag, an integrated sensor-taggant system for cartridges and refills, which provides interactive point-of-use authentication and identification and helps protect product quality and safety at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies. Also on display will be a smartphone authentication solution that incorporates the AuthentiGuard smartphone validation application from anti-counterfeit technology specialists DSS (Document Security Systems).

In the consumer protection zone, Sun Chemical will also be highlighting a new near infrared-based food contaminant detection system. Combining a near infrared (NIR) fluorescent dye that emits NIR and a device that detects NIR, the system, which can be built into a processing line, is able to detect plastic fragments and other contaminants in food, a task that has previously been difficult to achieve.

Sun Chemical offers a choice of packaging solutions to help brand owners meet their obligations to cut raw material consumption, reduce costs across the packaging supply chain and limit their environmental footprint, while still providing high performing brand-enhancing packaging.

With its broad range of functional coatings, Sun Chemical helps brand owners to develop food packaging solutions to prolong freshness and increase shelf-life, limiting food spoilage and helping consumers make more informed decisions that will reduce food waste. Highlights in this zone at interpack 2017 will include SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings, which improve the protective qualities of packaging and increase shelf life, and DIC Easy Peel, an easy-to-open sealant film with high heat resistance and stable heat seal strength.

On display will also be the SunVetro family of products for ceramics and glass, the SunCarte family of screen and offset inks, adhesives and varnishes to help printers meet the needs of the plastic card market, and, based on DIC technology, printed magnetic tape options for card manufacturers.

In addition, the SunJet team will also be available throughout the show to meet with existing and prospective partners and explore collaborative projects that will continue to push the boundaries of digital inkjet printing for packaging.