Sun Chemical to increase prices of Inks and Coatings

Sun Chemical will increase the price of all inks and coatings containing acrylic derivatives effective May 15, 2017.

Disruption in the production of certain building blocks used in the making of inks and coatings, such as styrene and acrylic acid, will cause price increases of up to 8 per cent in the cost of all water-based and UV/EB inks and coatings, depending on the amount of raw material used and geographical region amongst other factors. Other product lines may also be affected depending on the evolution of important raw materials such as nitrocellulose, distillates, solvents and soya oils among others.

Sun Chemical’s sales representatives will contact each customer individually to explain products affected and ensure that individual needs are met.

“Sun Chemical has been doing its best to minimise these price increases to our customers, but unfortunately the instability in the supply chain makes it impossible to sustain current prices,” said Felipe Mellado, chief marketing Officer, Sun Chemical.