Sun Automation Group introduces spectrum print unit for inside printing

Sun Automation Group, one of the leading companies in the corrugated industry, has announced the release of the Sun Spectrum Print Unit for Inside Printing. The Sun Spectrum Print Unit enables customers to single pass print on both sides of a corrugated box. Inside printing allows for custom messaging and branding to be printed on the inside of the box, creating additional space for advertising.

Efficient and Flexible, the Sun Spectrum Print Unit for Inside Printing can be retrofitted to nearly any machine. The unit features servo controls that make it easy to integrate the solution efficiently. The Spectrum Print Unit for Inside Printing also comes equipped with a Harmonic Drive Digital Register, which provides maintenance-free operation and registration adjustments within 0.001 inches, greatly reducing downtime. The SunTrac Vacuum Transfer system, which comes with standard permits accurate sheet control, allows for more productivity and optimal production speeds. For those needing quick drying time, there is also room available for an interstation drying unit.

“We are thrilled to offer the Sun Spectrum Print Unit for Inside Printing to our customers,” said Chris Kyger, vice president, Sun Automation. “We believe this technology is a great way for our customers to have a distinct advantage over their competition and offer additional opportunities for marketing and promotional messaging to brands looking for an edge.”