Static Problem Solving for Converters

converting problem solvingMost Converters understand Static Electricity. To a Converter, Static is that annoying by product which is generated by friction, rapid heat change, contact and separation or induction. Static can be responsible for a whole raft of issues which limit or effect production, which is why most converters opt for a comprehensive static control solution. The problem then becomes knowing exactly what type of anti-static solution or which static control product would be best suited to your situation.

The Variables:

  • The Process – What type of job are you doing?
  • The Material – Is this typically the same or does it vary?
  • Speed – How slow or fast will the process be?
  • The Outcome – What market or application is the job for?

Other factors:

Budget – This is more complex than it appears. Static control products are in themselves not very expensive. Budget should be determined by including cost of waste and downtime.

The Options:


Long Range Static Elimination – This is typically a powerful DC Bar or an ionised Air Blower delivering charged ions to the target area from distances over 100mm. Fraser have developed a selection of anti-static bars that cover ranges from 100mm to 1.5 meters without air-assistance, making them perfect for winders and applications with changing geometry where long range control is needed. This allows us to deliver effective ionization to the source of the problem. Our blowers additionally make this possible even when it is in a confined, hard to reach place.


Short Range Static Elimination – Compact and powerful, high-performance short-range static elimination products are perfect for distances up to 50mm. Fraser Anti-Static short range products are suitable for most industrial processes including food manufacture and pharmaceutical, printing, plastics and packaging applications. In fact anywhere there is a sheet or web that requires neutralization.

ProductRange_Dust (1)

Dust Removal and Cleaning – Dust and particulate contamination adversely affect yield and quality, causing additional costs in many production environments. Static electricity is one of the primary attractors of unwanted airborne particles. Fans and blowers are typically used to blow dust and particles away from products, and while this is temporarily effective, they rarely remove the contamination. Airborne particles are then redistributed around the factory, where they will become re-attached or attracted to the nearest charged surface, which is often the product slightly further down the line. With Fraser’s range of powerful ionised air equipment, we are able to neutralise the static attraction and remove the contaminant at the same time.