Static Control Solutions for Converting

Static-Control-on-WindersFraser has over 20 years’ experience supplying high performance static control equipment to the Converting Industry.  It has become the preferred supplier to converting machinery suppliers worldwide by offering an unequalled combination of performance, cost-effectiveness, reliability and conformity to international standards.

Winders are a common area where static electricity can reach high levels, causing quality and safety problems.  This is an area where Fraser’s products excel in offering cost effective solutions for all sizes of winders from 250mm to 10m wide.  The latest Intelligent NEOS Series has set new standards for static neutralisation on winders.

Winders July 2015 (2)To be effective on a winder, the anti-static bar must have a wide distance range of operation to cope with the varying geometry.  The NEOS Series has this covered, with output voltages of 12, 20 and 30KV and with operational ranges of 100-600mm, 150-750mm and 200mm up to 2m across the 3 bars in the series.   This covers the vast majority of winders in production.  The ability to sample the charge and modify output accordingly has led to performance benefits of up to 3 times existing equipment.  In short , this is the best range of medium and long range static eliminators available.

Our wide range means that we have solutions to cope with centre winders, surface winders with lay-on rollers and even turret winders.
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