Standard self-adhesive materials tested with water-based ink

L-R: Frank Ackermann and Bernd Potrick, Dortschy, and Wolfgang Klein, HERMA
L-R: Frank Ackermann and Bernd Potrick, Dortschy, and Wolfgang Klein, HERMA

HERMA Self-adhesive Materials has conducted extensive tests with a Trojan2 digital printing machine using water-based ink and it produced excellent results not only with HERMAinkjet materials, but also with standard self-adhesive materials. The company sais this will open up new possibilities for label printers, especially for the production of small print runs.

Due to its versatility, digital printing is becoming increasingly attractive for label manufacturers. Consequently, the digital printing machine Trojan2 was a major success at last year’s LabelExpo. Thanks to water-based ink, the machine promises great printing quality combined with excellent efficiency. This inkjet printer with Memjet print heads easily produces labels with an excellent printing quality even with standard self-adhesive materials from HERMA that do not feature a special surface coating.

This has been confirmed by extensive tests performed at Dortschy, the Trojan sales partner for Germany and Austria. Previously, inkjet printers with water-based ink required a special primer for better ink absorption.

“Our products HERMAwhite (601) and HERMAlaser sheet (135) can immediately absorb the ink. The print image is excellent and the ink dries immediately,” explained Wolfgang Klein, who works in HERMA’s technical service team.

“This opens up great potentials for experienced label printers as well as newcomers in this field,” added Frank Ackermann, in charge of technical sales at Dortschy. “Combined with these materials, the Trojan2 is an ideal solution, especially for economically printing small and very small runs. Customers who wish to see these advantages for themselves are welcome to visit our demo centre in Bielefeld and see the Trojan2 machine in operation.”

Additionally, HERMA tested three materials that are specifically designed for inkjet printers on the Trojan2: the papers HERMAinkprint gloss (211) and HERMAinkprint matt (137), and the film HERMA PE inkjet (811). They proved ideal for this digital printer, especially with fine lines and screen vignettes, but also deliver great results on other standard inkjet printers with both sheet-fed and web printing.

This range is also extremely suitable for Memjet technology which, with its static, page-wide print head, combines the advantages of an inkjet printer with those of a page printer. Even at speeds of over 300 millimetres per second, images, codes, and identification symbols can be printed crystal-clear and distortion-free combined with the right HERMA self-adhesive material.