Solutions to static problems

image1Static electricity causes severe problems throughout winding and unwinding applications, whether using plastic film, paper or textiles. Fraser offers cost-effective solutions to all of these problems. The NEOS range of static eliminators were specially designed for winding applications. A few typical applications are shown below.


image2Centre Winders

On a centre winder the NEOS Bar may be positioned above or below the reel. It is a good idea for the ionisation to be directed mainly at the reel, but also catching the single sheet, as shown above (A). 2000 Ionised Air Blowers can also be considered.


image3Lay-on Roller

If there is a lay-on roller, the best position for the NEOS Bar is on the side where the film leaves the layon roller – in this case the underside – because it can neutralise the charge as soon as it is created. If this is not practical, then position the Bar on the top side.


image4Turret Rewind

On a turret rewind, position the Bar so that its ionisation will be attracted to both rewind positions, if this is not possible two bars may be needed.



Position A is usually the most effective position – on the centre winder it neutralises both the single sheet and the reel; on the lay-on roller winder it neutralises the charge as it is generated in position C.

If it is not possible to position the Bar beneath the winder in position A, then position B can be used.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

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