Sofidel awards the most sustainable suppliers

Sofidel’s second Suppliers Sustainability Awards, the 3SAwards, has awarded its partners for sustainability commitments and achievements.

Paper group, Sofidel, held the second edition of the Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award last night (November 9, 2017). These annual awards acknowledge suppliers who have opted to incorporate environmental and social sustainability actions into their businesses. It was held at the East Wintergarden in London with guest speaker Dame Ellen MacArthur, she said, “I was delighted to speak at the Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award ceremony to share my story and be a part of this important step from Sofidel to help improve sustainability across their full supply chain, which supports our shared value to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.”

The Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award was created to help motivate suppliers to enhance the best practices within the industry and improve environmental and social sustainability across the full supply chain. “Promoting sustainable and responsible growth also means engaging our partners in our vision and making them more aware of their environmental impacts,” said Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel Group. “We are convinced that building a sustainable future will have to go through a widespread and shared commitment, the need to take on new and broader responsibilities.”

Sofidel has always made sustainability a measure of growth, aiming to minimise its environmental impact and maximise social benefits. To date, the Group has reduced direct emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere to 19.1 per cent, limited the use of water resources within production processes (7.0 l/ kg compared to a benchmark of 15-25 l/kg), and obtained 100 per cent of its cellulose supplies from certified third party with certified forestry schemes (FSC, FSC Controlled Wood, SFI, PEFC).

Attention to environmental and social sustainability goes beyond the impacts of the Group’s production, which is committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations’ sixth sustainable development goal — ensuring water and sanitation for everyone — through collaboration with WaterAid, a non-governmental association based in the UK.