Significant growth for 3C! Packaging

3C! Packaging, an independent pharmaceutical packaging solutions company, has realised rapid business growth since introducing its Clear Code coating system. Through the use of lasers and a proprietary colour change technology, Clear Code offers high-contrast imaging on a colourless coating, significantly enhancing the customer serialisation and coding experience increasingly being sought by pharmaceutical customers.

For starters, the bump in business prompted 3C! Packaging to add more than 3,000sq ft of additional facility space, as well as hire several new front-end personnel. On the production side, to accommodate the growing demand for its label operations, the company has installed a new Nilpeter FB-3 Flexo Press, one of the fastest on the market. The ten-colour press delivers a top speed of 228m/min and it remains competitive over a wide range of run lengths, including short runs.

The machine’s movable unwind/rewind towers with rail system allow multiple label configurations, while its short web path yields fast job changeovers with minimum start-up waste. Each of the ergonomically-designed printing units includes five servo systems to automate all adjustments for saving, loading and changing jobs, as well as for job pre-setting, impression settings, and side register load.

Quick-release systems for handling anilox rolls and plate cylinders are improved by Nilpeter’s quick-change revolver die-cutting system. This offers on-the-fly loading and unloading of dies to reduce setup times and save material waste. In fact, full job changeovers – of all 10 colour stations as well as the die – have been achieved in as few as five minutes.

At the forefront of 3C! Packaging’s recent growth spurt is Clear Code, the company’s next-generation coating system proven to significantly enhance customers’ serialisation and coding experience. By employing a low or high wattage CO2, fiber, or YAG laser, and a proprietary colour change technology, 3C! is able to offer high-contrast imaging on a colourless coating that provides a superior quality image tailored for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Vision Systems.