Siegwerk unveils colour-intensive printing inks

Siegwerk, a leading provider of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, is now offering an enhanced ink range for serviettes, kitchen towels and other tissue products named, ColorTissue.

This new ink system not only combines the best features of the company’s existing ready-to-use tissue inks, but also achieves significantly higher colour intensity than comparable inks on the market.

“The new ColorTissue series is the result of joint development work by our centres of excellence in Annemasse, France and Büdingen, Germany. It is an enhanced ready-to-use ink range for tissue applications that meets the highest market and regulatory standards,” Dirk Weißenfeldt, vice president paper and board, and liquid food packaging, Siegwerk, explains.

“The additional development of the new UNI T series of concentrates now enables us to offer our customers a modular system that allows them to mix printing inks in their own local mixing units,” added Weißenfeldt.

The ink series is ISEGA-certified and complies with current EU regulations, the Swiss Ordinance and the requirements of various eco-certification bodies such as OK compost.

In launching ColorTissue, Siegwerk is now offering an ink system featuring a very high degree of colour intensity that complies with both bleeding resistance (colour fastness) requirements. This is in accordance with EN 646 as well as with Primary Aromatic Amine (PAA) content limits, as recommended by Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). Furthermore, the new range is characterised by a reduced drying temperature, less stickiness and minimised odour pollution. ColorTissue features less than one per cent volatile organic substances (VOC), and therefore conforms to the relevant EU and Swiss Ordinances. Other ink series strengths include long-term print stability and ease of cleaning.

The modular ColorTissue and UNI T system gives users the option of deciding between two alternatives. The highly concentrated UNI T BASE range can be mixed with a ColorTissue technical varnish to deliver maximum colour strength flexibility and a complementary ink management capability.

Siegwerk provides its customers with clear formulation guidelines, which must be complied with to guarantee bleeding resistance in accordance with EN 646. This enables customers to mix printing inks for their tissue applications in their own local mixing units. Siegwerk provides support in the form of a dedicated local service, which incorporates technical support, process optimisation and the monitoring of operating costs based on the ‘total cost of ownership’ principle.

The focus of this modular system version is on cost efficiency. Where customers require maximum handling flexibility as well as simple, direct applicability, they are recommended to choose a mixture of ColorTissue basic inks and ColorTissue extenders. This enables higher maximum colour intensity to be achieved and guarantees EN 646-conformity of print results at any time. By adding ColorTissue extender and water other adjustments to colours and print parameter settings can easily be performed on the ink mixture. Production in Siegwerk dispensers is also no problem at all. Both versions therefore have their specific advantages, meaning customers can select the most efficient solution that matches their needs and local circumstances.

With a combination of best-in-class ink performance, high degree of product safety, plus continuous support and guidance, the company is fully focused on helping its customers meet their needs with innovative solutions, thereby enhancing its position as one of the leading printing ink manufacturers.