ShrinkPack announces the third install of a Karlville pouch conversion machine in the UK

product2Karlville Development LLC, global providers in stand up pouch conversion equipment has just installed its 3rd pouch conversion line into the UK in less than twelve months.

The UK market for pre-made stand up pouches has grown dramatically in the last few years and is seen by many packaging converters as an area of considerable interest.“Pre-made pouches provide the opportunity for the converter to supply small to medium run lengths of “ready to pack” flexible packaging allowing product launches to be more cost effective and faster to market for many brands”, says Alan Lewis, MD of ShrinkPack.

kspConverters are catching on to the fact that brands are increasingly turning to stand up pouches as their favoured packaging medium due to their large customer facing area, allowing the product to be displayed prominently on the shelf. This factor, combined with the exceptional pack quality achieved via a pre-made pouch that many form, fill and seal machines, simply cannot achieve.

ShrinkPack, Karlville’s agent in the UK, not only provides pouch conversion and spout insertion lines for the converter market, but also pouch filling equipment and “through the spout” liquid filling equipment enabling the company to supply the full spectrum of machinery to achieve a finished product. John Price, President of Karlville sees the future growth of alternative pouch formats to replace many types of rigid packaging as an exciting area of future incremental growth within the flexible packaging market.

New Bitmap ImageConverters know that offering a pre-made pouch is getting them onto the ground level of many product launches that will eventually turn into higher volume reel fed flexible packaging. Therefore the converters are capturing business that previously was elusive to them. They also know that brands like to launch products in pouches as it de-risks capital equipment investment in expensive form fill and seal lines as well as being able to test the market with a product which can be launched quickly.

The Karlville range of pouch conversion equipment goes from a simple stand up pouch conversion line, suitable for one up production of stand up pouches with zipper closures to larger more complex multi format machines capable of both bottom gusset, side gusset, shaped and many other optional features if the converter requires it, therefore we have a wide range of equipment suitable for all the needs and budgets, say ShrinkPack.

images[9]It really is simple, the days of importing pouches and waiting for weeks for product has gone, fast turnaround conventionally and digitally printed pouches are here, as well as many brands looking at pouches to replace heavier, space consuming rigid packaging.

To contact ShrinkPack please phone 01283 543756 or email who would be delighted to showcase the range of equipment available.