Roller Investments Open New Markets for Pronexos

After completing a comprehensive program of investments in new technology and machinery as well as process and layout improvements, leading European carbon fibre roller manufacturer Pronexos is now able to offer significantly increased capacity and capabilities for the manufacture of large carbon fibre rollers.

CFRP rollers up to 6 metres
“We are already supplying CFRP rollers up to 6 metres in length to customers,” explains Philipp Kroschner, Pronexos Sales Engineer. “There are many potential applications for rollers of this size. They are frequently used in plastic film applications and the non-woven textile industry. There are very few manufacturers worldwide capable of producing CFRP rollers of this size.”

These significant investments now place Pronexos amongst Europe’s most capable, cost-effective and efficient CFRP roller manufacturers. The investments include:

  • A newly-designed production line, optimized to improve efficiency and throughput of higher-length and higher-diameter rollers
  • A new coating machine capable of applying a range of composite coatings to rollers of any length
  • Two new curing ovens capable of curing long-length CFRP rollers
  • A turning lathe for inserts and end caps suitable for long rollers and large-diameter rollers
  • Highly accurate measuring and balancing assemblies offering significantly more accurate measurement, for example for rollers with a length tolerance of just 0.01mm, and fine balancing for all rollers
  • Significantly optimized layouts for the winding lines and assembly stations to ensure quicker throughput of rollers.

The investment program was started in Q1 this year and was fully completed by the end of July. Pronexos is already delivering longer rollers, including a significant order of 5.5m length carbon fibre rollers for an application in cast film lines.

Rollers for cast film lines
A key application of longer CFRP rollers is in cast film lines and extrusion systems, which are used in food packaging, medical packaging, and other industrial applications such as LCD display screens. “These machines require rollers which are between 4 and 6 metres in length,” explains Philipp.

Rollers for Flexographic Printing
The flexographic printing industry requires high volumes of guide rollers. Pronexos’ capabilities allow us to manufacture using 2-on-1 winding on two spindles, or even up to 4-on-1 winding. This enables Pronexos to fulfil large orders more rapidly and cost-effectively. “Pronexos is now able to produce rollers of greater lengths and diameters to meet these needs,” adds Philipp. “We are able to fulfil roller orders quickly by using a two-in-one winding approach, which means that four rollers can be produced at one time. Pronexos can now offer quicker delivery on higher volumes.”

Pronexos is a leading supplier of high-quality carbon fibre products and specialist manufacturing services. With decades of experience in producing complex CFRP products, our expertise comprises engineering, design and series manufacturing.

Our activities include: carbon fibre rollers for the paper, film/foil and converting industries as well as specialist manufacturing for the aerospace and semiconductor industries.