Reproflex Scandinavia brings added value and quality with Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) to flexo printers in Scandinavia

Aniken Graphics, a joint venture between Hamillroad Software, a UK based prepress software company, and Apex International, a global leader of anilox and metering products, has today announced that Reproflex Scandinavia is approved to supply flexographic printing plates, screened with Bellissima DMS, to the Scandinavian market

Nick Harvey, managing director of Aniken Graphics International, said, “We have aligned ourselves with trade shops who are committed to providing their customers, brands, and converters with the very best flexo technologies.”

Reproflex Scandinavia provides digitally-produced printing plates for the packaging industry. The business areas include prepress for flexo, offset, and gravure. Serving mainly flexo printing houses, customers also include: advertising agencies, graphic designers, and brand owners.

Steen Madsen, CEO of Reproflex Scandinavia comments: “The majority of our customers are based in Scandinavia. However, modern technology makes it easy for us to export to worldwide locations, and a growing number of our assignments are sent directly to other markets.”

“Our team is made up of 35 capable and committed employees who solve demanding packaging assignments every day. We pride ourselves on always using the latest flexo technologies available to us supported by a network of highly-competent professionals. We have built a reputation in the market for delivering outstanding quality and for offering a high-level of predictability related to flexo printed designs.”

“Investment in new technologies has been a pivotal part of our success. The new flexo screening from Ham

illroad Software, Bellissima DMS, is extremely interesting to Reproflex Scandinavia. Our aim is to supply the highest level of quality to our customers and bring value to the flexo packaging market, with the help of this new technology.” Madsen concludes.

“To maximize everyone’s success, Phase One sales of Bellissima DMS involve the use of Apex GTT aniloxes, and MacDermid or DuPont plates. We know that this proven technology solution works ‘out of the box.” Harvey comments.

Printers wishing to test the technology can enquire via the dedicated website. Alternatively, they can contact their local Apex sales representatives or the trade shops for their specific regions.