Proton Products announces precise, reliable non-contact measurement solutions for corrugated board manufacture

Proton Products sets new standards for precise, reliable measurement of corrugated board products. The company will be showing a live demonstration of its InteliSENS SLR mini SERIES speed and length sensor at Corrugated Week, Sept 24-27 2018, Indiana Convention Center, Indiana, Booth 744. They will be available at the show to discuss the applications and benefits of its non-contact measurement technology

Non-contact, on-line speed and length measurement is essential at the double facer to produce accurate corrugated board sizes at the on-line rotary shear. Contacting electromechanical wheel encoders have been used traditionally to measure board length, but slippage, bounce, pitch and coating accumulation on the contact wheel produces inaccurate speed and length measurement. This results in varying board dimensions for the box plant slotters and printers and consequently rejected board. Also, the physical environment at the double facer can significantly reduce the life of contacting encoders to a matter of months.

The solution is Proton Products revolutionary, InteliSENS SL/SLR mini SERIES non-contact laser Doppler speed and length sensors. These solid-state instruments have no moving parts and are permanently calibrated and completely reliable. The compact InteliSENS mini-series sensors are designed to replace contacting speed & length measurement encoders with a sensor whose accuracy is better than ±0.05 per cent. They provide speed and length measurement from startup and send a precise board length contact output to the rotary shear.

These affordable sensors can also be used at the “wet end” of a corrugator to measure the product length prior to the stacker to help reduce waste at the double facer. They can also measure the roll speeds at the unwind stands to reduce splice failures.

Proton Products InteliSENS speed and length sensors come standard with intelligent, easy-to-integrate capabilities that feature a broad range industry-standard or de-facto communications interfaces for a wide range of instrumentation platforms. The InteliSENS SERIES are all Industry 4.0 compliant.

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