Hampshire based company, Premier Coating and Converters Ltd (PCC) have a strong philosophy in providing exactly the right adhesive solution for each specific application. The company has seen constant growth elevating it to where it is today, as a specialist manufacturer of self-adhesive materials. Trading for the last 12 years has seen significant growth and changes within the company. Based in the south of England the company has gone from strength to strength now employing in excess of 25 employees  to produce and develop some of the best specialist self -adhesive materials. With constant investment in both its machinery and staff, it has increased its capacity considerably in the last few years and has successfully obtained ISO: 9001 2015 accreditation, ensuring that the production process is both efficient and professional.

PCC has a long association with the Teslin substrate which when combined with one of their exclusive BS 5609 accredited adhesives produces the leading label product used primarily in the A4 chemical drum market.  This is only part of the story, as they are able to coat all substrates from Aluminium to Polypropylene. They supply into all markets White Goods, Graphics (Conventional and Digital), industrial, alongside many other areas.  As a bespoke coater their in house laboratory and technical team are constantly being called upon to develop ‘the perfect’ adhesive solution for the customer, enabling them to produce on-roll or sheeted products depending on the customers’ requirements.


Home to two adhesive coating lines, the company has the ability to combine almost any substrate, liner and exclusive adhesive, to manufacture product that is suited perfectly to each customer’s needs from low coat weights to in excess of 60gsm using only water based Acrylics. Alongside their completely custom coating lines are six converting machines. Each slitter rewinder is set up to produce a wide range of material, allowing any product as wide as 1500mm to be converted into any width and length the customer requires. All six of the slitting machines, are fitted with automated systems that enable their operators to focus heavily on material quality, rather than the running of the machine.

Premier Coatings are very active within their local community, based in the small market town of Andover, Hampshire where they are sponsor of the local Football team, plus they are also sponsors of two local sportsmen who compete at national level in Darts and Motorcycle racing. Most employees are from the locality bringing a strong sense of community within the town that they live and work in.

Premier Coating and Converters are proud to be where they are today and are looking forward to what the future has to hold. There is plenty of reason to be enthusiastic, as there are many new exciting and innovative products within development. Combining many substrates with their renowned adhesives and brilliant customer service ensures a reliable and precise approach to creating any bespoke product.