ACW-RH90-5b30 September – 2 October
Jarshire Ltd, Stand D104

Specialist supplier of components and machinery for the converting, packaging and printing industries, Jarshire Ltd says that the focus of its stand may be summed up as operator safety, ease of handling, and waste reduction.

A safe working environment is essential to modern production lines and, addressing this, a slitter process simulator, utilising the “Lift Assist” from Dotec b.v., is an example of the coordination of process speed, operator safety and ergonomics.

Spares & ServicingMany reel and roll-handling solutions are provided by its use, notably in its ability to tilt and turn in numerous combinations.

With the product held by clamping, using either vacuum or magnetic force, lifting and turning may be achieved 90º in a left or right direction; lifting and tilting allows the product to be rotated 90º from horizontal to vertical; whilst lifting and rotating allows the product to be turned 90º or 180º in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.

The Lift Assist range is the widest on the market and includes rotary action roll handlers (horizontal to vertical and reverse) and single action versions (horizontal or vertical), both types having a capacity of 50 – 250kg.

Additionally, the range includes anti-telescoping solutions for label rolls and mobile rotary action units – the latter designed for use in restricted areas where there is no room for rail or jib cranes.

In terms of waste reduction, Jarshire’s Reelsaver will restore 3″, 6″ and 8″ ID cores on old or damaged reel stock with a flick of a switch, allowing customers to make big savings – one reporting payback within just 5 minutes! Packaging material that once had to be put aside because of damage to cores sustained during transit or on-site handling can now be back in the production stream within minutes.

Reel saver 2Process speed can benefit from lightweight airshafts from, Svecom Srl, that are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium. The low weight of the shaft body allows easy and safe manual handling, resulting in efficient insertion and withdrawal of the shaft from the reels thereby increasing production through quicker reel changes. The Svecom shaft will centre cores; run concentric and faster than competitive products; carry more reel weight; has greater gripping power and will cope with reused or worn cores.

Also featuring on the stand, Jarshire’s Recycling and Environmental Division is a leading specialist in waste management technology and will feature the very successful IPS V606 Vertical Baler that handles cardboard, paper and plastic. The V606 produces bales that are the most convenient size for recycling companies to handle. Safe, reliable and of heavy-duty construction, the baler incorporates advanced hydraulics normally found on much larger and more expensive machines.

Information will also be available on the Jarshire/IPS Horizontal balers for heavy-duty applications.

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