Perfect web guidance requires perfect rollers

It’s about speed, cost pressures and it’s always about high quality too – a balancing act which can be found in all industrial sectors. And it’s always the individual key parameters that enable this balancing act. When sophisticated processes are no longer able to increase the efficiency, then it’s time to improve the processes with optimized components. 

IN_TE_0210_1445_SpeedIn the area of web guiding, rollers are the key components that contribute to the quality of web-based materials. The faster a web-based material moves, the more precise the roller must be. The higher the force a roller is subjected to, the more rigid it must be. High stiffness web guide rollers with application-optimized coatings can guarantee trouble-free manufacturing processes. And that is exactly the Herford, Germany roller specialist Inometa’s métier. With over thirty years experience in the field of web guidance, Inometa has been able to attain a significant degree of expertise in the precision lightweight manufacturing of rollers in aluminum and especially in carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP); all this in combination with application-adapted, functional coatings.

IN_TE_0208_056_02_SpeedFrom the 10th to the 12th of March, 2015, the converting industry will gather at the ICE Europe in Munich to exchange information about their experiences. Inometa will also participate, to demonstrate how new dimensions can be reached with perfectly aligned high-performance rollers. This includes the optimization of the winding process with LDS contact rollers and high-precision winding cores, the increase of the service life of the rollers in the corona treatment with a new PROTEK coating, or the improvement of the print quality through the very precise anilox rollers. A visit to booth 451 in Hall 6 will absolutely be worthwhile, because Inometa has a lot more to offer than merely providing special rollers, with a spectrum that ranges from tubes to the high stiffness precision rollers, and all the way up to R&D services.

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