Pasaban launches a sheeter for converters and printers

At the start of 2016 Pasaban will put on the market its new Compact sheeter models C145 and C165. After the success of the first version of this machine, which is already in use in countries such as France, Spain, Mexico and Pakistan, the new, uniquely designed models will completely revolutionise the sector since they have built-in components intended to facilitate their operation.

The new Compact C145 and C165 are aimed at the medium-sized paper and cardboard converters who want to increase their capacity response and internal flexibility as well as at those printers who want to move into sheeting their own sheets to increase the return on their business.

The younger brothers of the Pasaban sheeter range still meet the company’s stringent internal requirements, thus guaranteeing a maximum sheeting precision and machine reliability while fulfilling the highest safety standards.

Since the business milieu is in a state of constant flux, the new Compact models have, in keeping with the philosophy behind the birth of the original model in 2012, a scalable modular design that will allow them to grow and adapt to the client’s new needs.

The two versions have a service width of 1,450m and 1,650mm respectively and are capable of reliably working at 300m/min with formats ranging from 500mm to 1,650mm in length and processing reels measuring 1,500mm in diameter. And for those who have more special requirements, they come with multiple options such as an automatic pallet changeover system (exiting through the front or the side), cut-to-register capabilities, a web guiding system, additional unwind stands, tab inserters, and so on.

Pasaban, the leading company in capital assets for converting paper and cardboard, has been on an exemplary innovation-orientated path. Proof of this are its latest developments for sheeting and applying security elements onto banknote paper, a field in which it holds several patents. The users of the Compact models will reap the benefits of a technology which has been purposely developed for such demanding markets and is backed by the solidity and history of one of industry’s most solvent companies.

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