PANTHER DIGITAL – Giving Press Operators Power in a Touch

Leading the market with the development of the latest digital print inspection system, UK based Tectonic International Ltd, known for their award winning products, has for more than twenty years provided printers and press manufacturers across the world with innovative & forward-thinking Print Inspection solutions for more efficient printing processes.

Continually at the forefront of product development as technology moves forward, the company’s latest Print Inspection System, PANTHER Digital is the first in a new series of high quality inspection systems from Tectonic, set to redefine the marketplace and provide unsurpassed print inspection and quality control.

PANTHER Digital encapsulates key quality features whilst adapting to advanced future-proof technology. Influenced by ‘what the printer wants’, the PANTHER is a mid-level to high-end print inspection system that incorporated the latest digital megapixel progressive scan technology to provide an active inspection function that uses high resolution cameras to present images from a live run.

Through a 22” widescreen TFT Touchscreen monitor, Tectonics’ bespoke software has been designed to give the operator instant reflex action for fast correction of faults and therefore, significant reduction in waste. An easy-to-use intuitive touchscreen interface is globally friendly and operator responsive.

Customisable to the operator’s needs, multiple touchscreen control monitors are available, to be positioned along the press for fast and easy operator control whilst he moves along the press. Together with the clever features such as colour monitoring for example, with deviations calculated in a relative value, sends an error notification and sounds an alarm alerting the operator to any colour drift, allows the operator to correct colour quickly,  which effectively reduces waste and press downtime.

Using the latest GigE progressive area scan digital cameras, 10:1 lens and one touch camera controls, PANTHER includes dual strobe assemblies, providing illumination and reliability through Tectonics’ own advanced design. The strobes are enclosed within the camera case and positioned 10mm away from the web to eliminate the presence of ambient light.

Both manual and motorised systems include ‘Split-Screen’ and Colour Monitoring features to further assist the press operator. When split-screen is selected the chosen image is “saved” and the computer displays the exact replica of the stored image on the opposite side, for easy comparison, stored master to live print

The Motorised PANTHER system includes enhanced features including constant scan, user defined web width and programmable positioning, as well as enhanced colour monitoring of up to 12 colours. Constant Scan allows the web to be viewed automatically, the operator determines how many images are captured both along the web width and repeat length. User defined web width allows a left and right marker to be entered to define the web width for use with constant scan, so the PANTHER only scans the required web width. This is particularly useful when a narrow web width is in use.

Programmable positioning allows the operator to choose at random in variable zoom settings and hold in memory specific areas of interest. This will then display each position consecutively, and can include colour checks.

Whilst the above features describe the basic system, each PANTHER is developed into a bespoke inspection system based on the printers needs. For example, Tectonic has provisions for back to front registration, reverse side viewing and UV inks and cold seal. Each system is developed in partnership with the customer to ensure a system which serves all its requirements.

Tectonic is proud of its commitment to in-house development of the PANTHER to ensure a truly future-proof technologically advanced and high quality system to lead/service the print industry for years to come.

With installations across the world, and throughout the UK, since its release last year PANTHER is increasingly becoming and continues to be the choice of printers worldwide.

With the continued growth, Tectonic International is proud to announce a new agent agreement with FLEXIBLES D.o.o. of Serbia, leading supplier of flexible equipment and support in the Former Yugoslavia. Full details to be released later this month.


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