Outstanding ease of use: New web cleaning system from Erhardt+Leimer

ELCLEAN drawer pulled outE+L offers a newly developed contact web cleaner called ELCLEAN. Variants are available for both single and double-sided web cleaning. The device stands out due to a particularly space-saving design of the opening mechanism: Instead of the otherwise standard folding mechanism, a drawer system allows an adhesive layer to be pulled off quickly and easily from the adhesive roller and the adhesive or rubber roller can be exchanged in a very straightforward manner – and all this with significantly lower space demands than conventional systems. In addition, all maintenance of the unit is completely safe for the operator. No tools are needed for the replacement of rollers, and only one button is required for operation of the unit. ELCLEAN is suitable for webs ranging in width from 300 to 1910 mm and is capable of removing dust particles from a size of 1 μm. Discharge bars for neutralizing static on the web surface are available as an option.


Tool-free roller exchangeELCLEAN in operation